Thursday, November 1, 2007

Say No to the N-Word

Earl G. Graves, Sr., founder and publisher of BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine, wants us to say NO to the n-word. In a commentary on the magazine's website, he states:

Enough is enough! So long as we permit the celebration of ignorance over intelligence and profit from the desecration of our time-honored values and traditions—allowing a culture of gold teeth, sagging pants, disdain for education, disrespect for women, glorification of criminality, low ambition, and irresponsible sexual behavior to be regarded as authentically black—we are destined to march back into the margins of society, into the shadows that so many heroes and heroines of our history fought so hard to escape.

I'm sure this commentary was sparked by comedian Eddie Griffin's use of the n-word during his performance at BLACK ENTERPRISE's Pepsi Golf and Tennis Challenge earlier this summer. His microphone was shut off and Griffin yelled "F--- y'all!" before walking off. (Real classy Eddie). Mr. Graves says of that incident:

However, this is not a case of BLACK ENTERPRISE against Eddie Griffin. It's about standing up for the values of achievement, decency, integrity, honest effort, and education despite the forces arrayed against us and regardless of class or economic status.

Read the entire commentary here.