Wednesday, January 23, 2008

::Event: Common Ground Foundation's Dare to Dream Benefit Concert::

On Saturday, January 12th, hip hop artist and actor Common, along with his Common Ground Foundation, partnered with Lincoln Dealers and Platform One Entertainment to host the Dare to Dream benefit concert at the House of Blues in Chicago.


The concert benefited the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, which provides entrepreneurship programs to youth from low-income communities around the world.



Guests at silent auction




Read more here.

On the web: The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Photos courtesy of Platform One Entertainment


Anonymous said...

I just had to comment on your blog post.

Let me start by saying that I am so proud of this man. The lives that he will touch will span from generation to generation.

I find that as I read more and more about Common and his efforts, the revelation of his spiritual growth and his understanding of his own "seasons" for continued growth; have become more apparent.

In essence, his wonder years of such growth has called for a time of nurturing fertile ground (Common Ground Foundation), planting seeds (through such efforts as the Dare to Dream Benefit Concert), the watering of such seeds to ultimately manifest themselves within his career and the many lives he touches, and lastly, a time of harvest, which includes the "storing up" of the many blessings that he and his family have come to bestow and unselfishly pour out upon numerous lives that span the globe.

Thank you for such a wonderful read and exceptional images. Please continue to showcase and accentuate the positive within our community.

Much love to you.

Bless Up!

Tracey said...

Hello anonymous friend,
Thank you for the feedback - and for the wonderful words about Common's philanthropic efforts!