Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celebrity Philanthropy: Vanessa and Angela Simmons

Angela (left) and Vanessa Simmons at an in-store apppearance promoting their Pastry footwear line in Atlanta earlier this year.

In March 2007, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, stars of the hit MTV reality show 'Run's House' became young entrepreneurs by creating Pastry Footwear, athletic shoes featuring fun, colorful designs for fashionable young ladies. The collection was launched with the 'Cake' and 'Fab Cookie' lines, inspired by their love of sweets. And their success has been sweet, earning them millions of dollars to date. The brand has since evolved to include apparel and accessories. I remember watching an episode of Run's House where their uncle, hip hop mogul Russell Simmons, tells his nieces that giving back should be a priority as they embark on their entrepreneurial venture.
This week, Pastry Footwear has announced the launch of the Pastry Thin Mint Collection, in which a portion of the proceeds will go to the Girl Scouts of the USA. The collection, comprised of footwear and a backpack, will hit retail in mid-July 2008.
Over the past year, Vanessa and Angela have served as spokespersons for the Girl Scouts organization, inspiring girls across the country to participate in their Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy programs. From speaking to the Girl Scouts about their business endeavors to supporting the girls in their leadership initiatives, Vanessa and Angela have been doing whatever it takes to let these girls know they can be successful in whatever they do.
"Our relationship with the Girl Scouts is deeply meaningful to us,"explains Vanessa Simmons. "To have the opportunity to further support their efforts of empowering young women with the creation of the Thin Mint Collection is very special." Adds Angela Simmons, "We have had so much fun working with the girls; I feel they do more for us than we could ever do for them! We are hoping our relationship with the Girl Scouts organization continues to grow and develop."

Pastry Thin Mint Brown Pastry Thin Mint White

The Thin Mint Shoe is created from the body of the Pastry "Fab Cookie"sneaker with a range of materials including suede action leather with polyurethane trim. Special attention was taken when designing this style down to the smallest detail with the inclusion of basic tenets of the Girl Scout philosophy scripted on the outsole of the shoe. The collection can be found at specialty retailers in the U.S., including Finish Line,Underground Station and Lady Foot Locker.
Visit Vanessa and Angela's Girl Scout website here.

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