Sunday, August 17, 2008

'A Change Is Coming' Gospel Stage Play Highlights Faith and Family Unity

Remember the days when families sat and ate at the dinner table together? When Grandma got the switch from the tree to give youngins a good whuppin'? How about parents and their children going to church together? Coming home when the streetlights came on? In today's times, you don't see these too often. Michael McCorkle, writer and director of the gospel stage play 'A Change Is Coming' has the remedy to today's societal ills facing the African American community. Putting faith and family first.

While in Atlanta last month I attended the play which was held at the 14th Street Playhouse of the Woodruff Arts Center. Although the play highlights serious issues, it's actually very humorous and thoroughly entertaining. Just take a look at the photo above of castmembers Mike Fields, Setranique Clawson, Tara Yates-Reeves and Marcus Canty. All of the cast are amazing in their roles, and Setranique's performance of Pearl, the grandmother, is superb!

This stage play tells the story of a family drifting apart and a matriarch whose faith and belief in the power of prayer brings everyone together. Michael says, "With a society of career-driven and goal oriented individuals, it has become increasingly difficult to multi-task between family and work. Many parents and their children find it challenging to incorporate 'family time' into their busy lives, and have thus forgotten the importance of 'togetherness' and the strength that comes from family unity. Faith and spirituality are among the many critical components of strong family relationships and this production raises an awareness to their importance."

As a producer, Michael is the Founder and Producing Director of OneStage Productions, Inc., an arts and entertainment production company for teens and young adults based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He also serves as the Theatre Studio Leader for DC's Higher Achievement Program, a program providing middle school students from under-served areas an educational and high school preparatory program.

While watching the play, it definitely made me think about my days as a teenager growing up in D.C. When my mother was working, my grandmother watched me and my twin sister like a hawk (RIP Betty Lou). She would ask where we were going, who we were going with and what time we were coming home. One one particular day, my sister and I were hanging out in an undesirable part of town - we just knew no one would see us. As it turned out, a church member saw us from her windowsill and called our grandmother. You can probably guess the rest of what happened.

The play is a memorable celebration of family and Christian values with an engaging cast and an original score. It wonderfully illustrates that in addition to parents, it truly takes a village to raise a child.

'A Change Is Coming' stage play is currently on tour with upcoming cities of Spindale, NC (August 29th) and Brooklyn, NY (November 1st). It's a great activity for the family, church groups and community organizations. Visit Michael's myspace page for ticket information here.

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