Friday, September 19, 2008

Alton Jamison: Against All Odds

Alton Jamison is a man on a mission. The mission? To reach as many youth as he can with his message of teaching real methods to help young people overcome real problems. Alton knows what those real problems are – he has experienced them firsthand as a young boy growing up in a single parent household as his father spent most of his life in and out of prison. In spite of this, he has developed the belief that he is bigger and better than his environment.

As an award-winning professional speaker who delivers his message of youth empowerment in his home state of Virginia and across the country, he is also an entrepreneur. Alton is the co-owner of the PCF Group, LLC, a real estate investment firm in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. For youth who aspire to be entrepreneurs like him, Alton provides a workshop titled “Mind Your Own Business”, which offers six key principles of becoming an entrepreneur, being a dynamic leader, and the pros and cons of being a business owner to help to lay a foundation for anyone desiring to start their own business.

This is just one of the workshops that Alton offers for youth. His record of academic, leadership and entrepreneurial skills is evidenced in his passion is to help youth locate and develop those same skills within themselves.

Alton shares, “As a young man who has overcome numerous challenges in my life, I have a realistic understanding of what young people face. When I speak to youth, I speak to them from my heart because I want them to succeed and reach their dreams. There are many benefits to selecting me as a speaker, but the greatest benefit is that I know how to reach the hearts of young people and to help them take off the Mental Handcuffs.”

Mental Handcuffs is the title of his inspirational memoir which is currently in the works. Alton’s story is a message of hope, determination and motivation for those individuals who feel as though they have been “handcuffed” because of their past, statistics or their current situation. Alton’s simple, yet profound message of, “I Won’t…” instills the belief into people that there is nothing they cannot achieve and overcome.

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Alton Jamison
"Teaching Real Methods To Help Young People Overcome Real Problems"
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