Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Get Involved! Usher’s Service Leader Challenge

Want to do service and hang out with Usher? Win Tickets to An Exclusive Concert!

R&B star Usher wants you to get involved! As the Youth Chair of Service Nation, Usher hopes to inspire you and others to service in your community.

Usher states, “As an artist, I am often recognized for the music I make and the performances I give. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of many incredible moments. But this is the work that inspires me, empowering young people to become active in their communities.”

Service Nation is a national campaign to increase service opportunities, solve chronic social problems through service, and promote a culture of service in America.

How the contest works: If you can inspire 10 hours of service (i.e. 10 people doing 1 hour each, or 5 people doing 2 hours each) AND can get 100 signatures on Service Nation’s Declaration of Service, then you will be eligible for a drawing to attend an exclusive Usher concert on November 4th (Election Day) in Washington, D.C. So get started!

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