Friday, October 10, 2008

States of Emergency: The Black Boys Report

This past July, the Schott Foundation for Public Education published the report, Given Half the Chance: The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males. The report underscores the reality that the public education system in America is failing black boys. They note: In 2005/06, less than half of all Black male students received diplomas with their cohorts, and the rate at which Black males are dropping out and being placed in Special Education far exceeds the rate at which they are graduating and reaching high levels of academic achievement.

Many of you know that I have highlighted this issue many times, so I’m not citing anything new here, but I’d like to share their findings on which states/districts have the highest educational inequities in graduation rates and achievement gaps in educating black boys.

The States of Emergency are: Wyoming, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Michigan. The report cites that the worst problems are concentrated in a few large metropolitan areas, specifically New York City, Chicago and Detroit.

The report also cites the ten lowest performing large districts for black males: New York City, NY; Milwaukee, WI; Buffalo, NY; Baltimore City, MD; Richmond County, GA; Pinellas County, FL; Rochester, NY; Norfolk, VA; Detroit, MI; and Indianapolis, IN.
Is your state/district on this list? If so, what efforts are being made to address this crisis in your community?

Organizations to check out:
America's Promise Alliance:
By registering at America's Promise Alliance, you can get information on nationwide 'dropout summits' in your area.
The Black Star Project:
The Schott Foundation’s goals are to promote a 50 percent increase in the graduation rate for Black male students over a five-year period; promote an increase in the number of Black male teachers and policy advocates; and develop and maintain an online data clearinghouse for the performance of public schools and Black males.

**There is an online database I saw a year ago, that lists programs specifically serving black boys. I have been racking my brain for the past two days trying to remember it! If anyone knows the website, please email me or leave it in the comment section!

Visit the website at to view the report and learn what the graduation rates are in your community.

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thank u mr cosby...i appreciate u...i am a substitute teacher for roosevelt school district located in south phoenix, arizona goin on my 5th year and i am an advocate for our young men that r bein mistreated and placed in special ed which i believe is a filter to the prisons where i have many friends whom i keep in contact with...i have been eliminated from several schools due to my advocacy including phoenix union high school district...i need ur help out here i am not as effective as u on a greater name is Rachel Phillips and I am The Owner of Educated Souls, LLC...Thank you for your time!