Monday, December 1, 2008

Magic Johnson Foundation and Abbott Call for Greater Prevention, Testing and Treatment on World AIDS Day

I Stand With Magic PSA
Today, on the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day, the Magic Johnson Foundation and Abbott are calling on the public to educate themselves, their family and friends about HIV/AIDS and its impact on the African-American community. A new social networking tool allows Facebook users to stand with Magic by learning the facts about HIV/AIDS, getting tested and knowing their status and seeking treatment, if needed.

More than one million Americans have been affected by the disease, and the epidemic continues to disproportionally affect African Americans. Abbott and the Magic Johnson Foundation, partners in the "I Stand With Magic, Campaign to End Black HIV/AIDS," aim to address the alarming rate of HIV/AIDS among the African-American community.

"We need to take it upon ourselves to reduce the number of new infections, especially in the African-American community where they make up half of new HIV/AIDS infections," said Earvin "Magic" Johnson. "Educating minority communities about HIV/AIDS and encouraging them to get tested, go back for their results and seek treatment is crucial to stopping the spread of HIV. Early detection can save your life. The earlier you know your status, the earlier you can get treatment and take action to help manage this disease."

"I Stand with Magic" on Facebook:
The Facebook group provides a new opportunity for individuals to personally engage, educate and motivate their family, friends and colleagues in Facebook's active online community.


JanaB said...

As a DC resident and Public Health advocate with an emphasis in communication and marketing of Public Health there is nothing more crucial than leaders in the black community taking a stand and demanding more testing, more prevention because. I personally see on a daily basis the disparities among the black community and they are great. Social Networking Sites are a way to reach a broad group of people that were never an option even 7 years ago. Thank you Magic.

Unknown said...

I just read a powerful article about Magic Johnson at The article was wonderfully written and showed a different side of him. It discussed in detail his business approach and commitment to improving the community. It’s an engaging, thought provoking article that gave me a new found level of respect for him.