Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Insiders: Ollie and Kathleen Johnson

The black hair care industry is a billion dollar business. A leader in the market is Dr. Miracle's, one of the fastest growing hair care companies in the industry. Having only been launched four years ago, Dr. Miracle’s is leaping over industry giants in the growing ethnic markets by answering the beauty needs of the African-American community.

As African American women are the target consumers for the brand, the founders were surprised to learn that regardless of their education, income, and social status, African-American women are at risk of delivering babies too soon, and often too small or sickly to survive.

“With women of color being our target consumers, the idea that they are plagued with the alarming growth rate and all-too-frequent occurrence of infant mortality, we feel that Dr. Miracle’s should play an integral role in remedying the situation,” said Brian K. Marks, president of Dr. Miracle’s.

Dr. Miracle's was co founded by Ollie Johnson (in photo on right), who has created award-winning, innovative ethnic advertising and marketing campaigns for more than two decades. Ollie's wife Kathleen, is an integral part of the family business, serving as the company's brand educator.

While expanding the Dr. Miracle’s brand, Ollie Johnson also participated in numerous community service efforts. In 2005, he earned the ‘Partner in Industry Award’ for his work with The Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service, a non profit agency providing vocational training, placement, and support for persons with disabilities. Also thanks to Johnson, Dr. Miracle’s partnered with Sweat Equity Enterprises (SEE) to create groundbreaking learning opportunities for teens in the design industry. Now, the company is bringing attention to the infant mortality rate in the African American community.

Dr. Miracle's is the sole sponsor of the The Birthing Project USA, the only national maternal and child volunteer health program dedicated to decreasing the infant mortality rate among African Americans.

The partnership has implemented a national campaign designed to recruit volunteers to participate in its signature SisterFriends program - where volunteers provide one-on-one support to women during their pregnancy and for one year after the birth of their child.

Dr. Miracle’s co-founders Ollie Johnson, Brian K. Marks, and Rich Lombardi chose to sponsor the Birthing Project USA campaign because of the high rate of poor birth outcomes for African-American women.

As the exclusive corporate sponsor of the non-profit, which is built on volunteers and provides social support to African-American women, Dr. Miracle’s is embarking on a range of activities, from funding and aiding in the establishment of new Birthing Project chapters, to underwriting and creating educational sessions, volunteer drives, and online marketing initiatives. Co-founder Brian K. Marks shares, “We at Dr. Miracle’s are proud to support Birthing Project USA, its vital work, and a meaningful partnership full of little miracles.”

For more information and to get involved with the “Little Miracle’s” national campaign, visit http://www.birthingprojectusa.com/ and http://www.drmiracles.com/.

Source and photo: Dr. Miracle's
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