Tuesday, May 19, 2009

'Make A Splash' with Cullen Jones

Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Cullen Jones Joins Forces with USA Swimming Foundation and ConocoPhillips for Six-City Event Series to Promote Water Safety

Via Press Release: Motivated by the fact that 57% of African American and Hispanic kids can't swim and are drowning at disproportionate rates, Cullen Jones, the first African American to hold a world record in swimming, is making a commitment to help save lives. This summer, Jones partners with ConocoPhillips and the USA Swimming Foundation for "Make a Splash" with Cullen Jones, a national water safety campaign that kicks off in Houston May 20th. Jones, who nearly drowned as a child, will educate parents and kids about the availability of low to no cost swim lessons in communities across the country, and promote an on-line giving program to help fund swim lessons for kids in need.

In addition to Houston, "Make a Splash with Cullen Jones" will visit five other cities this year -- Indianapolis, Seattle, Kansas City, Denver and Los Angeles. There, Jones will meet with community leaders, parents and children to deliver a stark message - the ability to swim is a life-and-death issue that requires immediate action from parents and kids. He also will focus on increasing funding for learn-to-swim initiatives across the country by soliciting donations to the Make a Splash/Sponsor a Swim Lesson program. Sponsor a Swim Lesson is an online giving program that provides the public an opportunity to help fund free or low-cost swim lessons for kids who otherwise may not have the opportunity to learn.

"I didn't learn how to swim to become an Olympic champion," said Jones. "I learned how to swim, because when I was five years old, I almost drowned. Every summer these tragedies happen and we talk about how they could have been prevented; yet every year the statistics remain the same. I am committed to a real solution and with the help of USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash initiative and ConocoPhillips, we can do it."

Make a Splash, the national, child-focused water safety initiative of the USA Swimming Foundation, began in 2007. In two years, more than 37,000 kids have gone through Make a Splash swimming lessons. Make a Splash works by aligning the nation's top learn-to-swim providers in an effort to save lives. Currently, there are 68 providers giving free or low-cost water safety instruction across the country. For more information, or to donate or sponsor a swim lesson for a child in need, go to http://www.makeasplash.org/.
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Via Press Release/PR Web
Photo credit: Daniel Johnson


JanaB said...

That is wonderful! I swam for 10 years competitively and not only is important to be safe in the water but it really is the best exercise! YAY!

Tracey said...

Hey Jana,
I've heard swimming is great exercise - I need to do it more often!