Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Books, Publications & Websites

New Publication: Lost Opportunity: A 50 State Report on the Opportunity to Learn in America, is being released today. The report uses the Schott Foundation Index to find that only eight of 50 states are providing disadvantaged students equitable access to even moderately proficient public education systems.

Rounding out the bottom, eight states - Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Rhode Island, Texas, and West Virginia, along with the District of Columbia - appear to provide low-proficiency and low-access education, according to their own data.

Dr. John Jackson, President and CEO of the Schott Foundation shares, "In far too many states, students are being denied access to the resources that provide a meaningful opportunity to learn. There is no substitute for opportunity, not in our schools, not in our workplaces, and not in our society. That is our American dream. No one should be satisfied with the level of educational quality and access we are providing to our children. This data defines a community in crisis, not one of achievement for all." View the report at http://www.schottfoundation.org/

Dr. John Jackson will be conducting a conference at 12:30 PM Tuesday, May 19, 2009 for a duration of 1 hour (11:30 AM Central, 10:30 AM Mountain, 9:30 AM Pacific). Participants, Toll free: 877-719-9791, Name of Conference: Lost Opportunity Release, Participant Passcode: 5407549.

Looking for a career in social change? Visit the new website called Jobs for Change, a career service and marketplace for social change jobs that is created in partnership with dozens of nonprofits, including Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, AmeriCorps Alums, Echoing Green, Network for Good, and Encore Careers. You can check it out at http://jobs.change.org.

Their goal is to spark a nationwide movement toward careers in the common good – including nonprofit, government, and social enterprise jobs, and the site features a team of career advisors who will be blogging every day to provide guidance on finding and developing a career in social change. One of the featured career bloggers is fellow blogger Rosetta Thurman, from Perspectives from the Pipeline. Be sure to check it out!

New Books: Hill Harper’s follow up book to the best selling Letters to A Young Brother, is Letters to A Young Sister: DeFINE Your Destiny, which has just been released in paperback. Actress Gabrielle Union shares about the book, “When Hill told me about Letters to a Young Sister, my first thought was how badly I could have used a book like this growing up.” Recently I’ve read many articles of youth programs that use Mr. Harper’s books with great success, so if you work with girls, pick up a copy of this book!

A Philanthropic Covenant with Black America edited by Rodney M. Jackson (Founder, President and CEO of The National Center for Black Philanthropy), features eight essays from African American grantmakers, clergy, scholars and activists that examine critical elements of modern philanthropy and how they affect Black communities for good and for ill. Each chapter includes statistical documentation of the issues, strategic recommendations to improve the quality of Black life, and examples of models already being practiced throughout the country. To purchase these books, check out my ‘Featured Books’ banner on my right sidebar .

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