Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Philanthropy in Africa: The Million Books Project

Carol Bangura saw the need to improve the literacy rate in her native country, post war Sierra Leone. She shares, "the country has not recovered from a ten year civil war in which hundreds of schools were burned to the ground. I was born in Sierra Leone and wanted to help in some way. I have relatives including my mother still living in Sierra Leone."

She founded the Million Books Project, whose mission is to increase the literacy rate in Sierra Leone, West Africa through various literacy projects in America. As of this month, the non profit organization has had over 7,000 books donated in support of their efforts. Their website states that the literacy rate in Sierra Leone is 35.1% in a population with 6 million people.

There are a variety of ways that you can help. You can donate books or sponsor a book drive (great for high school students' community service projects). For more information on the organization's literacy programs and book drives, visit the website at http://www.millionbooksproject.com/.

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Anonymous said...

Is she making sure that the books donated are actually up to date, and not full of ridiculously outdated works that should be thrown away a rather than dumped on Africans?