Friday, July 31, 2009

NFLer Encourages Youth to "Go Green"

NFLer Ovie Mughelli (3rd from right) with guests at the ‘Art of Intrigue’ event, Saturday, July 11, 2009 in Atlanta benefiting the Ovie Mughelli Foundation
NFler Ovie Mughelli of the Baltimore Ravens has a new focus. Through his Ovie Mughelli Foundation, he is helping youth to ‘go green’ and become environmentally friendly. Dubbed the eco-athlete, Mughelli hosted his fourth annual free football clinic on July 17-18 at Garrett High School in North Charleston, South Carolina with the motto, “Our Future is Green.” In addition to working with students aged eight to seventeen on various drills and skill improvement techniques that will help them on the field, the camp featured an environmental theme. He shares, “Children and their developments have always fascinated me and the earth they will inherit from us is important to me. I wish the children, irrespective of their economic or social backgrounds, to walk away with a wealth of information that will improve their lives.”

He has partnered with eco-crusader, Lauren Turner-Seydel on various projects and has made environmental issues a large part of his community outreach. He also participated in the 2009 Go Green Expo in Atlanta, GA.

Just prior to his football camp, Mughelli along with Lamborghini Atlanta hosted the ‘Art of Intrigue’ event on Saturday, July 11, 2009 in Atlanta. The invitation only event raised funds and awareness for his foundation. Guests indulged in the finest cigars, exotic cars and Seraphin Cognac, an event sponsor.

“We’re ridding the stereotypes about environmentalists only being rich,” Mughelli shares in an article. “They have to understand why it is important for them to care about the environment. It can really benefit them to take responsibility and not just for their health, but because going green is the future and a lot of jobs will be focused on the environment.”

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Source: D4SM
Photo source: Catherine Tolbert via Garner Circle PR

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