Wednesday, October 7, 2009

South Beach Hotel Answers President Obama’s Call to Service

Boutique Hotel in Miami Beach Announces Charitable Programs
I love reading about for profit and non profit partnerships and this one is a first for me - a philanthropic hotel! The Betsy Hotel, an art deco destination in South Beach, Miami, has emerged from a two year restoration, appointing a Vice President for Philanthropy to oversee its strategic and operational leadership for the hotel’s community efforts. Snippets via press release:

For almost 70 years a unique Florida Georgian façade has distinguished The Betsy hotel from its Art Deco neighbors in South Beach. Since re-opening its doors in April 2009, The Betsy’s debut in five-star hospitality has been internationally recognized as a destination that includes great food, exquisite design, and luxurious comfort. Now there is a movement afoot from behind the signature white shuttered windows overlooking Ocean Drive that is attracting extra notice. After a two year restoration, and through a range of strategic partnerships, the newly restored hotel has become a catalyst for energized discourse, innovative thinking, and good works. Indeed, The Betsy has emerged with a beauty that is more than skin deep, offering an inspiring outlook that extends beyond its own neighborhood in South Beach — to the world.

In this effort, the property names Dr. Deborah Briggs as Vice President for Philanthropy to provide strategic and operational leadership for The Betsy's community-conscious efforts, that will, in the words of Jonathan Plutzik, Chairman and Principal Partner, “build our business and make the world a better place.” As a proven leader and social entrepreneur with almost 30 years of experience bridging profit and non-profit business, Briggs takes on the role of charitable giver and community activist in the name of The Betsy and its growing family of global guests.

The hotel’s philanthropic interests include education, medical research, nonprofit sustainability, the arts, culture, and African Relief — arenas that have been supported for many years by Jonathan Plutzik and Lesley Goldwasser, both investment bankers and Co-Presidents of the PG Family Foundation in New York City, and now principal owners of The Betsy. By linking good work with core business goals, The Betsy’s ownership has also answered President Barack Obama’s call to participate in a 21st century social innovation framework that reflects a new social contract, “citizens actively and effectively serving their communities and solving persistent, yet resolvable economic and human issues.” Next month, the hotel will host the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, visiting schools, community centers and private organizations.

Well, I know where I’ll be staying on my next trip to Miami. Location: The Betsy ∙ 1440 Ocean Drive ∙ Miami Beach, FL 33139,

Source: Business Wire

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