Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Stafford Foundation: "Doing Good"

Earl Stafford,President and CEO of the Stafford Foundation, Amanda Stafford and Bill Cosby

New Public Service Announcement Launches Campaign

On January 20, 2009, the nation's 44th President Barack Obama was sworn into office. It truly was an exciting time in the nation's capitol and around the world. There were countless inaugural balls and festivities, among them The People's Inaugural Project. Earl Stafford, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Stafford Foundation created the Peoples' Inaugural Project to bring together the underserved to witness and participate in the inauguration of Barack Obama. The project hosted a three day gathering that included an inaugural ball, a youth ball, a prayer breakfast and a luncheon. The Stafford Foundation invested more than $2 million in the project, and nearly 40 nonprofit organizations participated.

Now, one year later, The Stafford Foundation has launched a new project: "Doing Good." The campaign marks the second national initiative of the People's Project, which provides an online forum on the foundation's website for people to share stories, inspire charitable activities and showcase individuals and organizations for their work to help others. The campaign kicked off on January 20th at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC with special guest Bill Cosby, who stars in the campaign's PSA.
In attendance were the foundation's many partners and grantees, among them the Interfaith Outreach HOME organization based in Atlanta. Dr. Frederick Zak, the Executive Director, shared with me that he contacted the Foundation last year after hearing about the People's Project, and was pleasantly surprised when he learned that the foundation would sponsor his families to attend. Not only did they cover travel expenses, but provided gowns and tuxedos! The Foundation also recently provided two scholarships for his organization's youth, one of whom accompanied Dr. Zak and was seated at Mr. Stafford's and Mr. Cosby's table.
The campaign will help people who want to do good find a way to do so by: Helping people discover how their time and talent can be used to do good in their own communities, showing how their contributions will be used to do good, connecting groups that can work together to have more impact, supporting programs that directly provide support to those in need, and providing an easily accessible online platform to share Doing Good stories and create a community of Doing Good.

"We will shine a spotlight on the amazing good that people are doing across the nation," said Lisa Bowen, TSF Director of Operations. "We believe the more people know about what good is being done and have ways to get involved to have positive impact, that more and more good will be done." Visit the foundation's website at
(Standing) Lavern Chatman, CEO, Northern Virginia Urban League and Esther Aguilera, CEO of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute with Mr. Cosby
Mr. Cosby is one of my favorite people and I love his quotes, so I was excited to hear him speak! I'll leave you with a quote he shared: "Trust in Jesus, but lock your car."
About the Foundation: Founded in 2002, The Stafford Foundation is a faith based non profit organization based in Reston, Virginia. The Foundation collaborates with and invests in capacity-building efforts that equip the underserved through programs that provide health, education, training and faith-based mission support.
About Earl Stafford: Mr. Stafford serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the foundation, and is also CEO of The Wentworth Group LLC, a holding company that provides financial and business support services to the small business community. He is the former Chairman and CEO of UNITECH, an award-winning training and simulation technology solutions company. He currently serves on the Boards of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Drexel University, Wesley Theological Seminary, Venture Philanthropy Partners and Business Executives for National Security.

Source and photos: The Stafford Foundation

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