Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Report Examines African-American Family Foundations

By Akira Barclay
Contributor, BlackGivesBack NY  

Written by historian and University of Pennsylvania associate professor Marybeth Gasman, “A Growing Tradition? Examining the African American Family Foundation” finds African-American philanthropists are increasingly using family foundations for their charitable giving.

One hundred three African-American family foundations were studied in the areas of founder motivations and background, geographic location, assets and management, composition and goals and donation targets. The report adds to a growing body of research on African American philanthropy that shows, contrary to perception; African Americans have a long history of philanthropic giving.

Gasman writes: "Increasing the nation's understanding of African-American giving will help the majority culture to see blacks as full participants in American society. Perhaps through their family foundations, African Americans will become more visible agents of change and will no longer be viewed, by some, as merely passive recipients of the generosity of others."

Download the full report HERE and the Executive Summary HERE.

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