Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nonprofit Resources: Why Board Service Is Crucial to Fundraising

BlackGivesBack New York contributor Akira Barclay is the latest nonprofit professional to be featured in BlackEnterprise.com's Nonprofit Insider column. Akira is currently an associate director at Youth, I.N.C., where she coaches small nonprofit organizations on fundraising and development. If you work with or are a member of a nonprofit board, Akira provides words of wisdom on what board members need to do to help fulfill a nonprofit organization's mission.

She shares, “The organizations that are the strongest, the most sustainable, and the most successful in executing their missions are the ones that have board members who are involved.” Akira also talks about the importance of board members donating to the organization they're serving with stating, “If the body of people who serve in a governance function don’t give, why would anyone else give? It sends a bad message. I don’t give anywhere the board doesn’t give.”

Read the full article HERE.

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