Friday, January 21, 2011

MSB Philanthropy Advisors Launches to Advance Responsive Philanthropy

By Akira Barclay, New York Contributor

January 17th marked the 25th Anniversary of the holiday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the fitting launch of MSBphilanthropy Advisors, the only known African-American woman owned business of its kind. Founded by M. Starita Boyce Ansari, PhD, MSBphilanthropy Advisors fosters responsive philanthropy and social justice through training, technical assistance and philanthropy advising.

Providing best practices in an array of service areas, MSBphilanthropy Advisors helps funders, legal and financial advisors, individuals, nonprofit and voluntary organizations realize their missions.

In addition to Dr. Boyce Ansari, MSBphilanthropy Advisors’ team of social justice specialists includes Pamela R. Babb, MPA; George Banks, CPA, CMA, MBA; Denise A. Davis, DrPH, MPA; and Cheryl A. Pemberton, MPA.

To learn more about how MSBphilanthropy Advisors can strengthen your ability to bring change visit

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Shanley Knox said...

Hooray for her! My parents adopted from Haiti earlier this year, after I went several times, and I love to point out to her black women that are making a difference, making a stand - changing things.