Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Honey Shine Mentoring Program Hosts Valentine's Day Reception and Fundraiser

Event hosts Ramona Hall, Kisha Holt; Tracy Wilson Mourning, founder, Honey Shine Mentoring Program and host Tracy Seaton attend the Honey Shine Mentoring Program's Evening Reception and Fundraiser, on February 11, 2011 in Plantation, FL.
Lady Bugs Share the Love with Prospective Members and Sponsors
PLANTATION, FL (February 15, 2011) — Honey Shine Mentoring Program’s founder, Tracy Wilson Mourning, Honey Shine Lady Bugs (members), and prospective Lady Bugs attended a lovely reception and fundraiser this past Friday, February 11th, at the home of Kisha and Ron Holt in Plantation, FL. While sharing some love and learning more about Honey Shine Mentoring Program, 170 guests were wooed with a special musical performance by Maryel Epps, “Diva of Song and Love,” while they sipped on wine from PRP Wines and enjoyed gourmet coffees and a chocolate fountain from Aroma Espresso. The evening event was hosted by Lady Bugs Ramona Hall, Kisha Holt, and Tracy Seaton.

The event was appropriately themed “Love is in the Air,” taking place just a few days before Valentine’s Day. It served as an important membership recruitment activity and opportunity to create awareness for corporate support and interest in the program’s Camp Honey Shine. Camp Honey Shine will celebrate its sixth year of success in 2011 as it expands from four to six weeks. The camp continues to offer young girls (a.k.a. Honey Bugs) from the Honey Shine Mentoring Program the opportunity to participate in educational experiences and activities that further enrich their lives and continue to broaden their horizons throughout the summer.

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and actress, Maryel Epps was joined on this love-filled evening by 15-year old Honey Bug, Jasmine White, to share their gifts of song alongside one another. Young Jasmine, a sophomore at Miami Arts Charter School, has been part of the Honey Shine Mentoring Program since 2006. She is an aspiring singer who is not only being mentored by the Lady Bugs of Honey Shine but also by Grammy winning singer-songwriter, Betty Wright.

“Having our event themed around a romantic holiday gave us a special opportunity to celebrate the important work of Honey Shine Mentoring Program and the love that fills our hearts every day by the young girls we serve,” said Tracy Wilson Mourning, Founder of the Honey Shine Mentoring Program.

Front row: Ramona Hall, Kisha Holt, Tracy Wilson Mourning, Tracy Seaton (Back Row) Anthony Hall, Ron Holt, Douglas Seaton

About the Honey Shine Mentoring Program: Founded in 2002, this program works to empower young girls to shine as women through bi-weekly workshops and summer camp that helps encourage the balance of mind, body, and soul in girls and women by providing nurturing experiences that enlighten their paths and empower their future. The program is part of Alonzo Mourning Charities, a nonprofit public fundraising foundation.

For more information about the Honey Shine Mentoring Program or to become a corporate partner of the program, visit or call 305/476-0095.

Photo Credit: Jo Winstead

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