Monday, February 14, 2011

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Launches its 2011 National Voice Survey

Attention nonprofit professionals - your voice is needed!

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) has recently launched its 2011 National Voice Survey to gather input from nonprofit professionals across the country to provide the nonprofit sector with an in-depth look into the thoughts and experiences of its young and emerging leaders.

The network wants to ensure that voices are heard from all throughout the sector - particularly those from young and emerging professionals of color and LGBTQ communities.

Take the survey here:

About YNPN’s 2011 National Voice Survey:

Over the past several years, a great deal of literature has been released noting significant leadership challenges for the nonprofit sector. These include a looming leadership gap, an unsustainable chief executive role, intergenerational and diversity issues as well as a base of young professionals somewhat hesitant to lead in the near future. With each issue revealed has come a compelling set of recommendations for how the sector can meet these challenges head on.

As a movement of now over 20,000 young professionals across the country, YNPN is uniquely positioned to put these recommendations to the test. Is offering more competitive compensation a priority for retaining talent? Is succession planning occurring at your organization? Is prioritizing diversity having a positive impact on your organization? The valuable feedback and experiences you and your peers will share by completing this survey could impact how our sector addresses its leadership challenges over the next decade.

Our team will analyze our findings at a national and local level, meaning both our national network and your local chapters will be able to use the survey’s results to more effectively advocate for emerging nonprofit leaders in your community and across the sector.

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