Friday, July 22, 2011

Yehri Wi Cry: Childhood Friends Give Back to the Women of Sierra Leone

Yehri We Cry, a project supporting child bearing women in Sierra Leone, hosted a charity event on July 14, 2011 at District Lounge in Washington, DC, to raise funds for their upcoming humanitarian mission. Starting second from left are Naffisatu Conteh, Chair of Outreach; Passion Artis, Chair of Finance; Agnes Erskine, Chair of Public Relations & Communications; and Marie Mansaray, President and Co-founder, and Miss Sierra Leone USA 2010; and Khadijatu Rahim (second from right), Chair of Programming.

The Power of Collective Giving: In 2010, childhood friends Marie Mansaray, Nadia Sasso, and Zainab Fadlu Deen were engaging in a conversation on how they could give back to a country that they felt so close to, but yet still distant. Although born in America, their parents are natives of Sierra Leone, a country where women of lower class tend to lack the health care resources necessary to carry a full term pregnancy into a successful delivery. They founded Yehri Wi Cry (YWC), a project geared towards diminishing the maternal and infant mortality crisis in the country. The name translates from the Sierra Leonean dialect of Krio into “Hear Our Cry.”

For their first initiative, a team of YWC members and founders will travel to Sierra Leone on July 31, 2011 to distribute birthing kits and incentive packages, and to educate the global community about the magnitude of prenatal care and its significance to a successful birthing process. The maternal kits will improve the livelihood of women and their babies during childbirth in villages where facilities are not available or are beyond their reach financially. YWC has already established partnerships with doctors from Sierra Leone which will contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of their missions. On July 14, 2011 at District Lounge in Washington, DC, YWC held a send off charity event to raise funds for their upcoming journey.

Zainab Fadlu-Deen, Co-Vice President and Co-Founder; Agnes Erskine, Chair of Public Relations and Communications; and Nadeen Lewally, Secretary

Co-Vice President and Co-founder, Nadia Sasso, shares about their upcoming journey: “Not only am I excited about our efforts to empower mothers in Sierra Leone, but I am excited to be doing this great deed with great people. This journey has been rough, but I know that on our way back we can say we did it and we did it together! I have no doubts about the impression we will make in Sierra Leone; and I know that we will be back again because our love for our country and all that it breeds is impalpable.”

Visit their Facebook page HERE and follow on Twitter at @YehriWiCry.

Photo credit: Sisay Photography

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