Thursday, November 10, 2011

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Launches Initiative to Improve Health & Success of Young Men of Color

Forward Promise is looking for the best ideas to help young men succeed in life, school and work

If you work with young men of color, or have an interest in their well being, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) wants to hear from you!

Via RWJF: Forward Promise, a new initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is looking for the best ideas that promote opportunities for the health and success of middle- and high-school-aged young men of color. This initiative focuses on “opportunity factors” that can play a significant role in helping young men grow up healthy, get a good education and find meaningful employment.

Starting with a Call for Ideas, Forward Promise is identifying promising programs, policies and approaches to evaluate what works, and spread successful models to communities that need them.

From now until December 2011, the foundation is actively seeking ideas from a broad group of individuals and organizations that will help shape their future grantmaking strategy in 2012.

To get started, visit HERE and join the Forward Promise forum with your ideas and questions, and network with others.