Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation Host 2nd Annual Girls Who Rule The World Mentoring Weekend

Marjorie Harvey, President, Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation; Youth Attendee and Soledad O'Brien at the 2nd annual Girls Who Rule The World Mentoring Weekend in Stone Mountain, GA.

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA - The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation’s 2nd Annual Girls Who Rule The World Mentoring Weekend (GWRTW) took place October 28-30th, mentoring 100 teenage girls from metro Atlanta for an action-packed, empowering program to address real-world issues of teenage life.  The young ladies were guided to embrace their unique self-worth and power and forged new peer and mentor relationships along with other enriching activities at the Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort and Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, GA.

With Georgia experiencing high rates of childhood obesity, school drop out among teenage girls and exploitation of underage women by sex traffickers, Marjorie Harvey hosted the program encompassing self-discovery, fitness, health and wellness, entrepreneurship and mentoring, welcoming inspiring guests including 5-time Olympian and Basketball Hall of Famer Teresa Edwards, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and Fredricka Whitfield, motivational speaker Jackie Brewton, Mikki Taylor and actress Keshia Knight Pulliam. The weekend also welcomed back 10 young women from the 2010 GWRTW mentoring class to serve as junior mentors and featured candid conversation from Steve Harvey, who shared insight on the male perspective.

Essence magazine Editor-in-Chief Constance White speaks to the young women on mastering their destiny.

5-time Olympian and Basketball Hall of Famer Teresa Edwards with Marjorie Harvey

Soledad O'Brien, Marjorie Harvey and Mikki Taylor

Pre-selected from an application process, the teenage girls admitted to GWRTW sustain a role with The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation from admission until two years post college, with this process including a mentor pairing and ongoing educational and developmental experiences with trusted mentors, to ensure continued enhancement and positive growth in helping these young women achieve their goals.

Support for the weekend included the Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort, Stone Mountain Park, The Coca-Cola Company, Bank of America, Delta Airlines, Inc., Frito-Lay, Inc., Microsoft, Neiman Marcus, Tony Brewer and Co., Newell Rubbermaid, Susan G. Komen, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta/Strong 4 Life, K&G Fashion Superstore, and more. Visit the website at

Photos: Getty Images for The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation


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Your Blog is AWESOME! These are the things the world need to see about African American's. We are a good people. We are a good resource to our communities. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you KeeKee!