Friday, April 13, 2012

Online Giving Campaign Aims to Raise Funds to Address High-Priority Issues in Communities of Color

“Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge” benefits nonprofit groups at the front lines

Via Press Release: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has announced a new online giving campaign to challenge donors to raise funds for nonprofit organizations that focus on high-priority issues in communities of color.

The “Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge” is a 10-day campaign that will run from April 17 to April 26.  During that time, every donation made to one of the 22 participating nonprofits up to the first $20,000 per nonprofit will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the foundation. Donations can be made to the organizations through, and each gift also makes the nonprofit organization eligible for special prizes and awards.

The Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge is informed by a recent WKKF report on philanthropy. The report, “Cultures of Giving: Energizing and Expanding Philanthropy by and for Communities of Color,” indicated that the face of philanthropy is rapidly changing to become as ethnically, culturally and socioeconomically diverse as the country's population, with some of the most significant growth stemming from identity-based philanthropy. Identity-based philanthropy is a growing movement to spark philanthropic giving from a community on behalf of that community. In this movement, “community” is defined by race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

The nonprofits participating in the challenge are powerful resources that focus on a range of issues, including education, preventive health care, women's and children's advocacy and social justice. During the challenge, selected days will be dedicated to specific causes, such as “Educated Kids Focus Day” and “Secure Families Focus Day.”

The goal of the challenge is to get thousands of community donors to support the projects of these well-respected nonprofits that serve a wide variety of communities from coast to coast. Those interested in the Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge can engage with it on Facebook and Twitter.

“Communities of color have a deep tradition of giving to help the causes that hit close to home,” said Dr. Alandra Washington, WKKF's deputy director of programs for the education and learning, and family economic security teams. “This challenge intends to spark that tradition of self-help at a time when nonprofits can rely less and less on government assistance.”

To learn more, visit or follow WKKF on twitter at @wk_kellogg_fdn and #culturesofgiving.