Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BlackGivesBack Named Among 50 Blogs for African Americans

Thanks to the team at for naming BlackGivesBack as one of their 50 blogs for African Americans. The website was created to help black men and specifically black fathers find the information they need to survive and succeed in today's society.

Darrell Garrett of AfroDaddy shared, "I felt like there really wasn't a resource website out there that directly answered the "real" questions that most people have about how to succeed and prosper in America. As an African American single father, I had a lot of questions just like most people do, but there wasn't a site addressing those basic issues (ex: "how to feed your family on a budget," "where to find shoes if you wear size 15," etc.). We know inherently that ALL the answers are out there and if we can centralize and share those answers we can all benefit. That was the basis for our "Community Project."

In addition to sharing knowledge we also believe that by creating positive articles and highlighting the positive people of our past and present we can give African Americans hope and inspiration to be whatever we want to be because we will see that there are others who are happy and successful. In addition, we try to highlight those who give back to the community in the hopes that it will show others that they can give too, not just through money, but by answering a question, contributing an article or simply being visible."

View the full list of all 50 blogs by visiting here and read their profile of BlackGivesBack here.

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