Monday, September 10, 2012

NBA Veteran Rod Strickland Hosts Golf Event to Support Young Athletes, Inc.

By Akira Barclay
Contributor, BlackGivesBack NY

SCARBOROUGH, NY - On Tuesday, August 28th, 2012, South Bronx native and 17 year NBA veteran Rod Strickland hosted a special golf event at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club. Proceeds from the event supported the work of Young Athletes, Inc., a youth development organization co-founded by Strickland in 1997 that provides free out-of-school time programming to youth in the South Bronx Mott Haven community where Strickland grew up.

Steve Mills, CEO and Founding Partner of Athletes and Entertainers Wealth Management, was presented with a recognition award for his outstanding leadership and dedication to encouraging others to invest in creating a legacy that redefines wealth and giving back to the community. Supporters included: Ron Harper, five time NBA Champion; Maurice Dubois, CBS New York television anchor; Len Burnett and Brett Wright, Uptown Magazine co-founders and a host of others.

Young Athletes’ (YAI) mission is to help disadvantaged youth in New York avoid the detrimental influences of poverty and achieve their full potential. In collaboration with parents, schools, and other youth service organizations, Young Athletes accomplishes its mission by providing comprehensive out-of-school time programs highlighted by social service and athletic components during after school hours, weekends and summer months for children ages six to eighteen. YAI has had a profound effect in the South Bronx Mott Haven community servicing 700 youth in 2012. Student proficiency rates at their partner school, MS 223, has increased significantly on standardized exams where staffers work collaboratively with school faculty and the Columbia University School of Social Work to provide a comprehensive school age child care program that includes academic support, counseling, an exploration of the arts, STEM programming, recreational play and field trips for 200 school age children, ages 10 - 14.

Rod Strickland played youth basketball under the leadership of YAI Executive Director, LaMarre Dyson, and later joined with him to co-found Young Athletes Inc. in 1997. Mr. Strickland has been a benefactor of the organization since its inception and continues his involvement as a Board Member Emeritus. Mr. Strickland is currently an integral member of the Men's Collegiate Basketball Staff at the University of Kentucky. To obtain more information on Young Athletes, visit

In photo:  Steve Mills, CEO and Founding Partner of Athletes and Entertainers Wealth Management; Rod Strickland, NBA Veteran, Co-Founder, Young Athletes, Inc. and Ron Harper, NBA Veteran.

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