Monday, October 15, 2012

Politics & Policy: Your Gateway to Effective Philanthropy Webinar

Learn how to move from a do-gooder to a changemaker! Join Friends of Ebonie along with guest experts for an informative webinar on Sunday, October 21st at 7pm EST. Read below for more details:


The point of your community work, advocacy and leadership is to make things better, right? You don’t want to be a volunteer for the same cause forever, right? If you were, then that means the core of the problem is still there. The reality is that for every dollar you donate and every hour you sacrifice, there is a policy and a portion of politics that will either change the problem or help it remain the same.

How can you become a stronger philanthropist, advocate and leader? By being knowledgeable of the factors of influence around your cause! When it comes to understanding the cycle of philanthropy, we have to comprehend all aspects of it - starting with the facts.

This perspective changing webinar will discuss how politics and policy impact your work and what you can do to be more effective. Featuring guest experts: L. Joy Williams of LJW Strategies and Christal M. Jackson of Christal Jackson & Associates.

Visit here to register and reserve your space:

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