Monday, January 28, 2013

Baltimore Philanthropists Fund Purchase of Major Works by African American Artists

Permanent collection at Walters Art Museum now includes painting by 19th-century artist Robert Seldon Duncanson

BALTIMORE, MD – The Walters Art Museum has announced the acquisition of major works by African American artists, made possible by prominent philanthropists Eddie and C. Sylvia Brown.   The Browns have supported many institutions in Baltimore, contributing more than 22 million to various charitable causes.

The couple created The Brown Challenge Grant in 2002, donating $500,000 to the Walters Art Museum, to be matched by the museum, creating a $1 million dollar fund to purchase works of art by 18th-, 19th- and early 20th-century African American artists. Those artists include Edward Mitchell Bannister (1828-1901), Edmonia Lewis (1844-1907), Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937) and Richard Seldon Duncanson’s (1821-1872) River Scene, the final major work with this grant.   Duncanson's work is now on view in the Walters’ 19th Century Galleries.

More from the museum:

“The Brown Challenge Grant has allowed the Walters to continue its commitment to increase diversity within its permanent collection,” said Walters Executive Director Gary Vikan. “Works by these renowned, historical African American artists strengthens the Walters’ collection and furthers the institution’s commitment to inclusivity.”

“We want the entire community to feel connected to the art in our permanent collection as well as to enjoy our programming and special exhibitions,” said Walters Deputy Director for Audience Engagement Jacqueline Copeland. “During our annual free African American Family Festival on February 23, visitors will have the opportunity to see the new Duncanson painting as well as Edmonia Lewis’ Bust of Dr. Diocletian Lewis (1868) and Bannister’s Boston Street Scene (Boston Common) (1898-9).”

Visit the Walters Art Museum website at To learn more about Eddie and C. Sylvia Brown and their philanthropy, read a post from our archives here.

Source:  Press release/Walters Art Museum

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