Friday, August 16, 2013

Black Philanthropy Month Presents an Unprecedented, Concerted Effort to Strengthen African American and African-descent Giving

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Black Philanthropy Month 2013 exceeding expectations, with more still to come

Mid-August has arrived and mounting civic engagement continues around Black Philanthropy Month 2013.  If you’ve just joined the campaign, here’s more about it.

Together, African Women’s Development Fund USA,, Community Investment Network and Giving Back Project are leading a multimedia campaign designed to illuminate the power African-descent giving in all its forms; inform the public about philanthropic tools, causes and issues; inspire bolder and smarter philanthropy; and invest in Black philanthropic leadership and knowledge. High-impact events, media stories, service projects and giving opportunities compose the campaign, which kicked off August 1 and continues through February 2014.

“Its multi-generational scope and a span that encompasses local, national and global opportunities for Black people around the world to become involved are some of the things that excite me most.  Further, the campaign is authentically for, by and about Black givers with ample space for people of all races to participate,” says Valaida Fullwood, an organizer of BPM 2013.

Architects of the BPM 2013 campaign are:

African Women’s Development Fund USA, known as America’s trusted partner for African giving, founded Black Philanthropy Month in 2011.  AWDF USA promotes global Black giving through research, public information and convening initiatives and highlights the impact of African women-led philanthropy on communities and families across the continent and Diaspora. is the premier website on Black philanthropy and has chronicled stories from our communities since 2007.  BGB reaches thousands of readers monthly in the U.S. and abroad and is ranked a top online news source for nonprofits.

Community Investment Network, formed in 2003, is a national nonprofit organization that cultivates donors of color and giving circles—inspiring people to give by design.  CIN has emerged a leading resource for bridging institutional philanthropy and diverse, everyday givers.

Giving Back Project reframes portraits of philanthropy with revealing stories, artful photography and community conversations at the intersection of art, culture, racial heritage and giving.  A centerpiece of the project is Giving Back, the 400-page, award-winning book that presents stories of African American giving.

The expansive framework and concerted activities of BPM 2013 aim to increase knowledge about Black giving, inspire people to do more with time, talent and treasure and to broaden the philanthropic know-how, giving and leadership in Black communities.

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