Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Redefining Philanthropy: How African-Americans Give Back

Black giving was a topic of conversation on the NPR show “Tell Me More” yesterday hosted by award-winning journalist Michel Martin and featuring Tracey Webb, founder of BlackGivesBack.com and The Black Benefactors.

The premise of the discussion centered on a 2012 study that found African-Americans donate a higher percentage of their incomes to charity than any other ethnic group in the country, but they aren't necessarily thought of as philanthropists. “I think that our stories of giving really haven't been told, and that's the reason why I created my blog BlackGivesBack.  My main purpose is to highlight the big, bold givers and also our grassroots givers - everyday givers in our communities,” shared Webb. Listen to the full podcast here.

Tell Me More is a news-talk program that features provocative and accessible conversations that connects communities of color with the traditional public radio audience.  Produced at the NPR worldwide headquarters in Washington, D.C., it is a production of NPR News in association with the African American Public Radio Consortium, representing 20 independent public radio stations that serve predominantly black communities.

Story by Stacey Trammel, Contributor

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