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Jack and Jill of America Hosts Inaugural “Power and Potential Day”

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Call-to-action asks parents, family and neighbors to make a personal commitment to help youth reach their potential

WASHINGTON, DC – Jack and Jill of America, Inc., an African-American family organization, hosted its first-ever “Power and Potential Day” on January 28th to spark a national movement to nurture today’s youth to explore their passions and work towards realizing their goals.  More than 30,000 Jack and Jill family members and associates participated in the day and committed to six “Power and Potential” action steps to inspire the children in their lives.  “The goal of ‘Power and Potential Day’ is to celebrate the creativity of America’s youth and nurture young leaders who will be unafraid of pursuing their passions,” stated Tamara Turnley-Robinson, National President of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.  “We want children across the country to know that they have the power today to create their future and fulfill their dreams.  The best way to demonstrate our support for them is to let them know they have our love and support and to help them tap into their potential and explore their interests.”

The organization cites a study from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NIH) that parental involvement was identified as a major influence in helping teens avoid risks and increase educational achievement and expected attainment.  As such, as part of “Power and Potential Day,” Jack and Jill is calling on parents, teachers and mentors to improve the lives of children and teens by performing the six simple, but impactful actions:

  • Make a solid investment of your presence – Dedicate quality time for conversation and sharing. The investment of time in a child’s daily life is critical.
  • Encourage your children to identify and pursue their passions – Engage your children in conversation about their passions and interests and participate in an activity once a week that explores that area(s).
  • Explore your cultural heritage – Expose your children to the rich history of their family and community.  History does not dictate the future—but helps us to inform it.
  • Encourage philanthropy and community engagement – Underscore the importance of giving with your children.  Share with your children that giving is simply the sharing of resources in the form of your time, talent or treasure.
  • Build a network – Introduce your children to a diverse circle of family, friends and mentors. You will not only expose your child to a wide array of experiences and perspectives, but you will build a network of support for your children.  It truly does take a village to raise a child.
  • Support national legislation that impacts children – Support and take legislative actions that will impact all children and provide access to better opportunities in schools and communities nationwide. Jack and Jill is asking that all parents consider voicing their support for the “Strong Start for America’s Children Act,” a 10-year initiative to expand and improve early learning opportunities for children.

The new call to action is a culmination of Jack and Jill’s 75th anniversary and a natural extension of the organization’s activities to support the national theme, “Power & Potential: Parents Empowering Youth Through Leadership Development, Cultural Heritage and Community Service.”  In 2013, the organization commemorated its ongoing dedication to developing children to be true leaders by focusing more on national legislation aimed at bettering the conditions of our youth.  Jack and Jill partnered with the Children’s Defense Fund and activated its members around efforts that sought to provide equal advantages to all children, such as the Strong Start for America’s Children’s Act.

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Source:  Press release/Photo:  Jack and Jill

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